Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garage Door Stuck Secure it for the Night

Warning:Severe injury or death can occur.This service should only be performed by a qualified garage door technician with proper insurance. 

First off when you see the garage door like the pic above know one of the following is the cause.

  • spring is broken or worn out
  • bearing seized
  • rollers are broken or worn
  • someone or something was in the way of the door.
  • wind
  • hit by car  

The point is just treat the door like a loaded weapon.  The door is still under high tension.  The cable that suspends the entire door weight is about to break and slash out . The final roller is about to fall out of the track onto your BMW or your head

The Slow Turtle Wins the Race
Wear Proper safety gear

  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • goggles


  • (2x) Vise Grip
  • 7/16 12 point socket and wrench or 7/16 open end wrench
  • hammer

Note: Bottom Roller fixture is under high tension DO NOT REMOVE ANY SCREWS!
Step 1
Clamp above the bottom roller on higher side.

Step 2
Lift the Lower side in 6 inch increments and clamp below the roller. Check frequently to make sure another roller will not come out of tracking

Step 3
The Adjacent rollers if out will start to move closer to track were they can be popped back into track.
To do so you can make a slight bend in the round part of tracking to allow roller to move into tracking sometime a few taps with hammer help the roller pop in. Once the garage door starts to level out start alternate which side you move up every 6 inch.

Note:The goal here is to move the door to the up position where the majority of spring tension is off the door.

Step 4 
Once the Door is to the complete up position and all rollers are in track clamp off underneath both bottom rollers on each opposing side.   The door should be high enough where you have 6-8 inches of space between the bottom of door and your openings header.  You may have to remove arm that connects door to motor in order to raise door to the proper height.

Step 5
Go the Cable drum that with the  tangeled and loose cable.  Loosen drum with 7/16 wrench and re-spool cable and tighten.

Step 6 
Now Lower door by holding door firmly remove one clamp and allow one side down 2 inches at a time and re-clamp under roller.Alternate and Repeat until door is in complete down position leave the rest to the pros


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