Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who is smarter You or the homelink? How to program. Hints.

First off if you have already gone through the instructions on programming the vehicles homelink to the car several times take back your car to the dealer before your warranty is out. More than likely the internal circuit board for the homelink was not installed properly or since it sits so close to the roof of the vehicle and the board doesn't like intense heat the homelink in your car is bad.  Otherwise try this.

Become you begin make sure the garage door is clear from obstructions like your car,child, cat or dog

1. Clear the system by pressing both outside buttons and holding them down for up to 30 seconds.  You will see a LED illuminate and then turn off.
2. Hold an existing remote for your garage door opener within 1 inch of the homelink buttons.
3. Press and hold existing remote button and desired homelink button for up too one minute "I'll never let go jack"Titanic flashback
Note: the LED will blink slowly then rapidly
***Hint*** try rubbing your belly and patting your head j/k. Try waiving the existing remote behind the rear view mirror that's where the home link transmitter has a better signal when the LED blinks rapidly that means your car has learned the frequency not the code and on to step...
4. Press and Release the learn button on your garage door motor head ***don't hold the button down it will cause your motor to self destruct or maybe just erase all the existing codes for other remotes you have
Note: Learn Button may be under the light cover and usually is next to a LED that will illuminate if you press the original garage door remote
5.I hope your a fast reader because by the time you finish reading this it will be to late. Most learn modes for garage door motors are good for thirty seconds once you press the learn button get back to the car and press desired button in car several times until you see the garage door start too work
Congratulations you just saved your self a service call and program fee
If this didn't work for you there are several other options to make your Android BlackBerry and iPhone work your garage door.



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